Utopia.. Live the life you always dreamed.. Even if its fabricated

Anyone who has watched the live feeds of Fox's new reality show "Utopia" is familiar with Aaron Thomas and the many fabricated realities that this man has lived. At 26 years of age, he has done it all: from a gourmet chef who has cooked for the president, to a stellar military career, to obtaining his pilots license and becoming a test pilot for Lockheed Martin. This page is dedicated to listing all the untruths this man has said, blogging the various remarks that he spouts that belittle the men and woman of the Armed Forces, and to show Aaron Thomas as the farce we all know that he is.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

To Get Us Started. A list of Accomplishments

Here is a very simplistic run down of things Aaron has said he has done.

US Army for 10 years with one 3 month deployment 
Rank of 2nd Lt while in the US Army
Explosive Ordinance Disposal for the US Army.
Private Chef - culinary school for 2 years.

President of NAACP at Ole Miss.
Vice President of NAACP at Miss U  (position and college changed during two conversations same day)
He owns his own Restuarant 

He owns a gym
Got his private pilot license and worked as a test pilot for well known avionics corporation (lockheed martin)
Works at a different Restuarant also and does their inventory and ordering
He owns his own catering company and caters to the rich and famous

He was hired to cater 3 weddings right before coming to the show and was paid $18,000 to do them.
He's also a Personal Trainer for the rich and famous

Cooked for President Obama
He famous DANCER was taught by his sister who went to Julliard
He's a hair stylist that freelances at his mothers salon
He's wanted as a model all over the world
He majored in Math in college and almost went to MIT, but the military got in the way
He's dabbled in Marketing, because he wanted to develop his own brand
He's also registered with SAG and has done theater
He knows every famous chef on the planet

Worked at a High End motorcycle dealership in California.


  1. I hate this guy. I don't know him, but I hate him. From a former 11B2V, I want to be the Ranger he runs into in an alley.

  2. Great Info !

    Here is more info I found on Aaron Thomas Utopia


    He mentioned in the feeds to Jeremy in the kitchen that his Mother owns 4 businesses

    A salon
    A landscaping Company
    A finishing company
    An interior design company
    She has a masters in Art too
    Told Jeremy he has a private chef And catering company(And has 2 sous chefs working under him) and he says he is a certified personal trainer and started. Fitness BC with a friend
    I checked the state of mississippi for registered businesses under his name and nothing comes up .lol

    Aaron Thomas worked briefly here as a Sous Chef


    The ad says season 2 finalist on Master Chef.( aired in 2011) He was eliminated in the 4th round.


    Stolen Valor Aaron Thomas of Utopia

    More photos at facebook

    Photo of his patches and rank Says he is 2nd Lt. Wiith 365th CSSB

    Aaron Thomas online resume

    http://www.yatedo.com/p/Aaron Thomas/normal/9d64ee895aa9049932141e842b98536e


  3. http://www.yatedo.com/p/AaronThomas/normal/9d64ee895aa9049932141e842b98536e

    Whoops Aaron Thomas utopia online resume

  4. Yep, this about sums it up. He needs to answer for ALL of this.

  5. Has a giant military machine gun that's practically impossible to privately own

    Was homeless.

    Yeah, not buying it.

    1. Also stated on video that he is one of the "special officers in green suits" that get called in for special assignment? Guess they didn't need him for Bin Laden mission? That huge gun he told Jeremy about that his friend gave him half the 8000.00 for that they bought from a cop who has a shop? Well a friend of his does own such a weapon! Not aaron. He also gets special breaks to attend friends funerals while he was in Army and don't forget his 2 tours in Afghanistan. Since Aaron has been home he no longer wears those dog tags he flashed all over Tv, nor does any picture of him prior to Utopia show him wearing tags. He still post pictures of food he didn't make. I feel he needs to be reported, although just a cook in Reserves he can not detonate a bomb, he wasn't on the bomb squad as he claimed or a "Sapper", special missions or whatever name he makes up for that, in his mind it was higher than a Navy seal and yet he has all this freedom being so needed by the Army. Please investigate this
      Lying thief. Everything out of his mouth, along with cooking career is a lie, it's on video that alot of us can submit and with being off Utopia and all this bad publicity he still has not changed. He is a monster that pretends to be a good Christian man, another lie to add to list.

  6. Did forget to mention Aarons dishonorable MEDICAL discharge from Army? What is that?..and even with that he is still in the Army according to him? On his FB page with pictures of food he claims to have catered and people had asked where can they reach him etc and this is prior to Utopia he would tell them to go to his Web site posted on page, there isn't one and no he doesn't own a catering business. Through out the web, every profile on him is different. Some do mention he is a demolition expert. I don't know what that has to do with food? His modeling career mentions neither food or Army. His lies are catching up

  7. Aaron has deleted basically all military info from any account he's had. Normally that's something one is proud of, but again he is a liar. He currently cooks lunches out of his home kitchen, thought he owned a catering company already? Anyway food is horrendous. He takes pictures from various food sites making one assume that's what his dish will look like. #shadychef. Anyway, the food you get looks naturally nothing like the photo, all dishes too are either chicken or salmon. But still not what he advertise you will get. Miraculously the dishes he claims to cook for himself are perfect. Well if you cook that good why serve garbage to your customers? He is claiming he bought a restaurant again? Named SixO1 opening in the fall, and those fake looking lunches will be sold in there, oh, new claim, he was also a Sous Chef for Gordon Ramsay lololol, didn't make it past 4th round on Masterchef which is for HOMECOOKS! 4th round doesn't even get you to be one of the weekly contestants, so no you were not Gordons Sous Chef. Now he is asking for money on go fund me for a food truck to feed homeless. They get a meal for every meal someone buys lololol not in Aarons world. So nothing has changed. Still a con artist. You can find his fake food pictures he stole on pinterest saying how he just made it, but he is still stupid enough to show dish after he really cooked it for the customer. Horrible. He's not even a good -bad liar

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