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Anyone who has watched the live feeds of Fox's new reality show "Utopia" is familiar with Aaron Thomas and the many fabricated realities that this man has lived. At 26 years of age, he has done it all: from a gourmet chef who has cooked for the president, to a stellar military career, to obtaining his pilots license and becoming a test pilot for Lockheed Martin. This page is dedicated to listing all the untruths this man has said, blogging the various remarks that he spouts that belittle the men and woman of the Armed Forces, and to show Aaron Thomas as the farce we all know that he is.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Will this change things?

Over the weekend, Aaron joined the other 4 utopians that have had Pastor Jon baptize him. I'm not one to bash religion and baptism, however I think if you do it, you should do it for the right reasons. I always felt Kristen's baptism was a publicity stunt for the show and I have the same feeling this is very much the same. You cannot live a life of lying and then one day you get dunked in some water and you are no longer a liar.

Here's what Aaron has to say about the event (thank you to the person who sent me this screenshot.. they would like to remain anonymous):

My response to you, Aaron Thomas is this.. If you have turned a new stone and are feeling God enough to have done this with a clean heart (I seriously doubt it though) then now is the time to prove it. I urge you to issue a statement telling everyone you lied and that you are sorry you lied. I again urge you to post a copy of your DD214 showing the truth in regards to your military career. If you are truely a changed man and washed of your sins and to prove to everyone that you did not just do this as a publicity stunt then come clean and apologize to all the military men and women you have insulted. Apologize to the family of 2nd Lt. Emily J.T. Perez whose reputation you completely shredded for no reason other than to make yourself look more important.  Until you do these things, I will continue to believe this baptism was nothing more than the act of an attention seeking jackoff who has nothing better to do then make a mockery of religion. If thats the case, you also owe Pastor Jon Lovelace as well as the congregation of Promise Church.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Whatamoron mentions Aaron's instagram and how he's got it locked down tighter than a froggie's butt.. But guess what I got BEFORE he did it ;)

I should point out that this ISN'T his uniform either.. This is a few name tapes and emblems laid out on some ACU material.. Nothing stitched onto the fabric.  If Aaron can provide a photograph of him IN his ACUs or in his Class A's at a military function with other military personnel around (not some event he created himself) such an actual award ceremony or at his Promotion ceremony with the rank of 2nd Lt then I'll concede.. Until then, I believe Aaron's furthest rank was Sgt (E-5).

"But I didn't say that..."

In case people haven't seen it, Aaron was so kind to have answered viewers questions on Utopia Madness.. (Brian Garrett, thank you again for the wonderful work you do over there)..  Unfortunately, true to form, Aaron couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.

Here's the interview:


The interview is in two parts: the first part being questions asked by Brian Garrett, the second part is questions asked by other viewers who wanted answers. Some of the questions are downright brutal although, to be honest, not near as brutal as they should have been.

While I would like to take a few days to actually sit and pick his interview apart piece by piece, there are a few things that really stick out to me that I would really like to hit on right now.

Also, I should state, this wasn't me asking this question.. LOL
1.) Brenda  You said that you got your private pilot license and worked as a test pilot for well-known avionics corporation (Lockheed Martin) and that you cooked for President Obama. Are those statements true?
This is one of the statements that cracks me up because I watched a lot of the footage and even recordings of the live feeds. I never told rob I had any of that. Single engine pilot’s license and have only flown twice in my life. I'm a chef not a pilot. Hell I didn't even know who Lockheed and Martin was until I heard it in the comments lol. And yes, when I worked for a certain restaurant in West Hollywood, we hosted a fundraiser for President Obama in which he and Michelle were in attendance amongst a lot of others.
Aaron, Aaron Aaron.. If you're gonna lie, at least know what you're lying about dude..   What kind of pilots license do you have Aaron.. You say you have a "Single Engine Pilots License" so I gotta ask, can I see your license?? Can you post it  because the FAA has two licenses for Non-professional pilots: one is an actual Private Pilot License, the other is a recreational license. But since you say you've only flown twice in your life, I'd like to know how you would have obtained either of these, as the Private Pilots license requires 40 hours of actual flight experience and the recreational license requires 30 hours. Just for the sake of argument Aaron, lets say you've gotten the lesser of the two licenses, the recreational pilots license. That means you flew two flights (since you've only flown twice in your life) of 15 hours each..  As FAA laws dictate how many hours a pilot can fly at one time (currently 8 hours), there's no possible way you obtained any pilots license with only 2 flights total.  Lie #1.
Lets continue with this same question.. You ay that you did not even know who "Lockheed and Martin" was until you heard it in the comments. Yet you claim you have been in the Army for 10 years and have been deployed. Do you expect anyone to believe that you spent 10 years in the military and have never heard of Lockheed Martin, one of the biggest contractors for military avionics there is. If you did deploy (and that's still up for debate) you would have gotten there either in a Hercules or Galaxy aircraft, both made by Lockheed Martin. Even being Army, you would be aware of the F-16, the F-22, and the F-35.  As a member of the US Army, you would be aware they are replacing Humvees with JLTVs made by Lockheed Martin or that many of the missiles and rockets used by the Army (and remember, Aaron, you said your EOD so you would know all about those types of things) are made by Lockheed Martin.  So trying to cover your bullshit lies up by saying you don't know who they are, and even saying their name wrong to try to make your lie more believable) is just sad. 
Harold Brown  As a veteran, I would like to know the real story with your military service. On various occasions, you said that you had been in the military 9-1/2, 10, 11, and at one point 15 years. You listed your age as 26. My math leads me to the conclusion that you had to have enlisted at the earliest when you were 11 years old. You also was quoted as being an officer in the Army. Please verify and explain this. (Too many people to count asking this one Aaron, please answer as best you can and if you can, supply a DD-214 with your SS# blacked out. Thank you for your service!)
Lmao... Don't take me laughing the wrong way. But seriously, I've heard so many different things about my career that never came out of my mouth that it blows my mind. It would take me way longer to explain my every action than it soul to just say who gives a bleep what you think so long as the people who matter know the truth. If you knew, most military servicemen aren't at liberty to show any official government forms. It was be ridiculous for me to post that. But I will clarify this. I joined the army in 2005. I was 17 and my mother signed my papers. I did split which means I went to basic and AIT at two separate times. I was active duty, National Guard, and reserve throughout my military career. My first and primary MOS was 92G (Food Specialist) where I completed the advance course at Ft. Lee. My secondary MOS is 21B (Combat Engineer). I've done many trainings since then. I am not retired as of yet and am receiving a medical HONORABLE discharge after originally receiving a dishonorable for medical reasons. One thing that baffles me though is how easily it is to attack someone who signed themselves up to defend and protect you. Regardless of the assumptions. At the end of the day, I am and always will be a United States Army Soldier and I wear my flag with honor, duty, and respect.

Oh my lord, the stupidity in this answer is just SAD.. Beyond sad, actually.. Aaron laughs at this question.. Aaron, there's nothing funny about this whole situation.. 
Okay, first off, we won't debate what came out of your mouth and what didn't.. Anyone who watched the live feeds knows everything that you have been accused of saying, you said.. To deny it is just stupid, because there's all sorts of videos on Youtube of you saying various bullshit that you now claim you never said.. So we will just bypass that crap.. But, lets go with this - "If you knew, most military servicemen aren't at liberty to show any official government forms" Aaron, try telling that to any potential employer who even considers hiring you. If you claim you are a veteran or if you apply for anything using your veteran status, you are asked and are required to show your DD-214.. The only reason you wouldn't want to show anyone your DD-214 is because you're saying Dishonorably discharged.  Aaron, nothing about your military career is important, so stop acting like your documents would be classified or some shit like that.. A veterans DD214 (even yours) is available to anyone who requests it via the Freedom of Information Act which means if I honestly gave that big of a shit, I could write a letter, wait God knows how long and eventually, I would be able to obtain a redacted copy of your DD214. If you honestly wanted to let everyone see the truth, you would upload your copy (of course, blacking out your social security number) and would post it for the world to see.. But since we all know you're a lying sack of shit, I doubt you would do that.. (And just FYI, posting a forged DD214 is a federal crime, just in case you get any ideas).. 
Since you won't provide a DD214, you cannot prove that you switched from 92G to 21B, but one thing I find funny is you said "My first and primary MOS was 92G (Food Specialist) where I completed the advance course at Ft. Lee."  Since all Army training for your MOS is called Advanced Individual Training (AIT), do you think it makes you more special to say you completed an Advance course??  Should we be impressed?  Its not like AIT is college and you take your basic cooking and move on to an Advance course the following semester. You had 9 weeks of training on how to read recipe cards Aaron.  But lets go back to the 21B, that's definitely not 89D (EOD), which you said many times you were a specialist in..  You mention going to Ft Lee for your 92G AIT, but funny you wouldn't mention the 39 week 89D class you would have had to attend at the VERY SAME BASE.. oh, but wait.. lets look at another answer you gave in the same interview: 
Tom You said you were a Mason and in Explosive Ordinance Disposal for the US Army, were those statements true?
Both of those statements are true. Although I'm no longer part of an EOD unit once I switched to the reserves.
So, here's the truth of the matter. At some point, you claim to have been part of a EOD unit.. Most likely, as part of a combat support job, such as your 92G that you were trained in.. Aaron, that doesn't make you an EOD Specialist. You did not train for 89D, you did not disarm bombs as 89D, you might have cooked for a few guys who did, but YOU are not EOD yourself. You specifically told Amanda that you were the guy who puts on the green suit that they send in to check for bombs, YOUR FULL OF SHIT!!  Even if you DID train 21B (I don't think you did), that's basically infantry with a bit more education on how to blow up a bridge, still doesn't make you an EOD specialist. 21B is a 9 week course, compared to the 39 weeks for 89D, so I really don't think they sent you in anywhere to dismantle anything. Once again, you are a liar.. 
Shall we continue? Here's one of my favorite quotes from you in this interview -  " I am not retired as of yet and am receiving a medical HONORABLE discharge after originally receiving a dishonorable for medical reasons.".   Where does ANY of this make sense to anyone who has ever served in the military, Aaron.. First off, there is NO such thing as a dishonorable medical discharge.. Nope, nope nope.. You're full of shit.. If you received anything that says Dishonorable or Less than Honorable on your discharge papers, its because you fucked up severely somehow and the Army said for you to go Fuck yourself.  From the military itself - "Dishonorable discharges are handed down for what the military considers the most reprehensible conduct. This type of discharge may be rendered only by conviction at a general court-martial for serious offenses (e.g., desertion, sexual assault, murder, etc.) that call for dishonorable discharge as part of the sentence."  You don't go to court for blowing out your knee or breaking an arm, Aaron.. If you were court martialled and handed a dishonorable discharge, it's because you did something the Army considered criminal..Examples include desertion, rape or murder. You can only receive a dishonorable discharge if you're convicted at a general court-martial so your "dishonorable medical discharge" is a farce. Of course, all veteran benefits are lost with a dishonorable discharge so you even saying anything about retirement (which requires 20 years in anyway) is beyond stupid. Even if you were medically separated from the military (not possible with the dishonorable discharge though, is it buddy?), in order to receive a medical retirement from the Army it would mean that your disability was determined permanent and stable and was rated at a minimum of 30 percent, meaning  you wouldn't be hosting bootcamps and doing pushups in front of the camera. Fox would not have cleared you to participate in Utopia since the grounds did not meet the American Disability Act, because lets face it, 30 percent is pretty disabled, don't you think.. So not only do you lie about your military career and insult other soldiers, but you lie about being disabled?? You're a joke.. 

I think thats good enough for now.. but I am going to reread his interview tomorrow so I might have even more to write later.. LOL  But for now, I think this is enough to show that once again - AARON THOMAS IS A LIAR!!

Addition:  I should point out a few things that are curious. In Aaron's interview, I find it curious he did not address his Time in Service nor did he make any comments in regard to his claims of being a 2nd Lt.  He did not refer to himself as an Army Officer at all, but instead said he was a US Army Soldier. I think much of this is pretty telling in regards to Aaron's lack of telling the truth, as well as his "I didn't say that" comments over and over.

I should also point out that Aaron Thomas is aware of this blog. It has been brought to his attention on numerous occasions and Aaron's response is to delete the posts that have the link and completely ignore any references to it. Aaron has not contacted me in regards to this blog or to "set the story straight" in any way, shape or form which tells me that Aaron knows he's in the wrong and the only way he can counter it is to just ignore it and hope it goes away..  

However, Aaron Thomas, I invite you to send me a redacted copy of your DD214, blocking out your SS# but leaving your training, your awards, your reenlistment code, your service history, your final rank, ect. Although, I'm sure that when nothing you claim is on your paperwork, you'll just say it was a clerical error and that you're really the G.I JOE you claim to be..