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Anyone who has watched the live feeds of Fox's new reality show "Utopia" is familiar with Aaron Thomas and the many fabricated realities that this man has lived. At 26 years of age, he has done it all: from a gourmet chef who has cooked for the president, to a stellar military career, to obtaining his pilots license and becoming a test pilot for Lockheed Martin. This page is dedicated to listing all the untruths this man has said, blogging the various remarks that he spouts that belittle the men and woman of the Armed Forces, and to show Aaron Thomas as the farce we all know that he is.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Will this change things?

Over the weekend, Aaron joined the other 4 utopians that have had Pastor Jon baptize him. I'm not one to bash religion and baptism, however I think if you do it, you should do it for the right reasons. I always felt Kristen's baptism was a publicity stunt for the show and I have the same feeling this is very much the same. You cannot live a life of lying and then one day you get dunked in some water and you are no longer a liar.

Here's what Aaron has to say about the event (thank you to the person who sent me this screenshot.. they would like to remain anonymous):

My response to you, Aaron Thomas is this.. If you have turned a new stone and are feeling God enough to have done this with a clean heart (I seriously doubt it though) then now is the time to prove it. I urge you to issue a statement telling everyone you lied and that you are sorry you lied. I again urge you to post a copy of your DD214 showing the truth in regards to your military career. If you are truely a changed man and washed of your sins and to prove to everyone that you did not just do this as a publicity stunt then come clean and apologize to all the military men and women you have insulted. Apologize to the family of 2nd Lt. Emily J.T. Perez whose reputation you completely shredded for no reason other than to make yourself look more important.  Until you do these things, I will continue to believe this baptism was nothing more than the act of an attention seeking jackoff who has nothing better to do then make a mockery of religion. If thats the case, you also owe Pastor Jon Lovelace as well as the congregation of Promise Church.


  1. sorry. i dont buy it.
    unless he comes forward and sets the record straight on ALL the lies he told and keeps up to this day........he is not a changed man. he is still very much a narcissist. on his instagram, he posted a photo with an alleged homeless man and bragged about how he helped the guy out. people who help others with pure intentions dont brag about it. they probably never tell anyone about it. but aaron had to take a selfie with the guy and brag. same aaron, different day. IRONICALLY, he has this posted to his instagram. http://tinypic.com/r/9av1g8/8

  2. here is the bragging he did not only on instagram, but apparently across various social media. someone called him out. LOL http://tinypic.com/r/2eqgldv/8

    The full text

    1 day ago · West Egg Cafe
    This morning after breakfast, I was grabbing gas before driving back home and in a sidewalk I ran into a homeless man with a sign that read "will work for food or shelter." He had on 4 layers of clothes and still was cold. Temp in Atlanta is 24 degrees right now. I could have taken the blind eye to the situation, assumed he would just blow the money on booze, or acted as if I could not help, but that's not the will of God. I want you guys to meet Calvin. He's a 42yo carpenter and college graduate. He didn't "choose" to be in this situation, but God chose me to help. I went back to the restaurant and we shared breakfast(again) and even something to help him with the day's troubles. He cried and said he had just asked God to help him through this...And as humans, we should think SELF-LESSLY and not SELFISHLY. I didn't do this to brag, but to show that even the smallest acts of kindness, can make all the difference is someone else's life. I learned that in #Utopia thanks to some great people. #ProjectLove #UtopiaUSA

    1. the challenge

      Selflessly would have been just helping him out and not feeling the need to post about it on all forms of social media."

  3. The guy would sell his soul if he could just to get more attention. I agree a CHANGED man would be a HUMBLE man not a bragging man. Do your good deeds quietly and with a humble heart because by the simple grace of God go you!

  4. What did he say about 2nd Lt. Emily J.T. Perez? Just curious? I googled who she was and saw that she was killed during her service. That's a shame! How did Aaron drag her name through the mud?