Utopia.. Live the life you always dreamed.. Even if its fabricated

Anyone who has watched the live feeds of Fox's new reality show "Utopia" is familiar with Aaron Thomas and the many fabricated realities that this man has lived. At 26 years of age, he has done it all: from a gourmet chef who has cooked for the president, to a stellar military career, to obtaining his pilots license and becoming a test pilot for Lockheed Martin. This page is dedicated to listing all the untruths this man has said, blogging the various remarks that he spouts that belittle the men and woman of the Armed Forces, and to show Aaron Thomas as the farce we all know that he is.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Whatamoron mentions Aaron's instagram and how he's got it locked down tighter than a froggie's butt.. But guess what I got BEFORE he did it ;)

I should point out that this ISN'T his uniform either.. This is a few name tapes and emblems laid out on some ACU material.. Nothing stitched onto the fabric.  If Aaron can provide a photograph of him IN his ACUs or in his Class A's at a military function with other military personnel around (not some event he created himself) such an actual award ceremony or at his Promotion ceremony with the rank of 2nd Lt then I'll concede.. Until then, I believe Aaron's furthest rank was Sgt (E-5).


  1. US military personnel should be honored but I'm not sure Aaron is one, and they aren't really freedom fighters.

  2. https://www.facebook.com/notes/aaron-thomas/my-military-standpoint-right-now/2424571495?pnref=lhc


    Aaron explaining his IRR --Independant Ready Reserve status and how he says he will retire soon go to mark 23 min.